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An online financial advisor should be much more than a maintenance tool. It should help you continue to grow your funds and reach newer heights than you could if you were to try to “DIY” your own retirement accounts.

Blooom’s philosophy is simple: we’re here for you — not your company, broker, or institution. We think everyone deserves access to professional independent financial advice. For those seeking professional guidance in your retirement accounts, blooom’s team of expert advisors & developers have worked hard to create the a reliable robo advisor experience not just for the biggest accounts, but for the smallest ones, too.

Here’s the problem…

Investing is confusing.

You shouldn’t need a PhD in finance to understand your 401k.

If you are like most of our clients, you may not be totally confident that you have selected the right investments in your 401k or IRA. Who could blame you? You have enough going on in your life. Most of our clients also freely admit they are not confident in their investment-picking skills. You have to really enjoy finances to get into this stuff. But getting your portfolio right can have significant impacts on long-term growth.

Planning is hard.

Traditional financial help is often expensive or inaccessible.

Wall Street has made a killing on inexperienced investors. We all know we need to manage our retirement, but unless our account balances are high enough to draw the attention of a professional, we are left to our own devices. While there’s value to having an expert on your side, good advice from a true fiduciary is hard to come by.

Blooom is simple.

From investment to retirement, we’re here for you, and only you.

Regardless of account size or institution, we provide unbiased advice and management for your most important retirement asset. We will make sure you are on target, on track and on our side from now until retirement.

the numbers don’t lie

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