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Who is blooom?

Your online financial advisor.

Blooom is a dedicated bunch of financial, technical, and business minds working toward a common goal of making expert financial advice available to all. Our company was inspired by the frustrations and shortfalls of the financial industry and motivated by the potential of ever-changing technology.

We are real financial advisors with decades of experience in retirement planning and 401k management. Unfortunately, the longer you go without getting advice you need, the less time you have to get it right. And getting the right advice can make all the difference in retirement.

We are…


Dedicated to bringing expert advice to the masses—whether it be via optimizing your 401k or education around tough topics.


Unlike broker/dealers who make a commission off of a recommendation, we are legally (and morally) obligated to work in our clients’ best interest.

human experts.

While our technology is a big part of our team, our portfolio is built and powered by real human financial advisors, and a team of tech and account experts.

Meet some of our humans

Chris C.

Wall Street Whistleblower • Penny Preacher • Family Maniac

Brandi R.

Nerf Gun Sniper • Weekend Kayaker • History Buff

Andrew T.

LaCroix Connoisseur • Girl Dad of 2 • KC Sports Super Fan

Chelsea P.

Pecan Pie Pro  • Oklahoma Raised • TikTok Expert

Chrissy E.

Addicted to Travel • Bleeds Queso • Family Fanatic

Laura W.

Nature Lover • Caring Counselor • World Traveler

Shannon D.

Rule Follower • Shameless Carpool Singer • Cool Suburban Mom

Stephen P.

Mizzou Tiger • Legend on the Dance Floor • Proud Dog Dad

Zach D.

Long Distance Canoer • Girl Dad of 3 • Avid Golfer

From Our Team

I get joy from seeing clients gaining an understanding of their accounts and knowing that they are on a better path to success after working with the blooom team.

– Zach, Financial Advisor

Many people don't have access to financial help, and if they do it's usually crafted to seem overly complicated and confusing. My focus is to help deliver solutions that offer more simplicity, convenience and transparency. Blooom changes the way people experience their finances by making the details of their retirement easier to understand.

– Bridgette, UX Designer 

I'm a planner, always have been. Never wanted to leave my future to chance (or my employer) so always took control and that included saving for retirement. As Director of Client Happiness I want to see our clients succeed so I'm always trying to help clients without all the jargon and having a little fun in the process. Retirement planning is intimidating/confusing/frustrating, but that's where blooom helps. We are in this together.

– Chad, Director of Client Happiness