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A bit about blooom

We’re so much more than a financial planning service.

Blooom is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor dedicated to changing the way people save for retirement. We believe everyone deserves the same expert financial advice previously afforded to only the wealthy. We know saving for retirement is confusing. That’s why blooom starts simply.  Our unbiased experts help put your portfolio on the right track—and keep it that way.

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Retirement accounts are complicated. Blooom is not.

Blooom is founded on the belief that professional retirement help should be smart, simple, and available to all Americans.

We promise…

to always act in your best interest.

Beyond the legal binds of being an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, and fiduciary, we treat our clients like our best friends and family.

to be here for you during ups and downs.

Time IN the market is more important than time-ING the market. Look to us when any of your financial questions pop up.

to bring financial management to all!

Our team is dedicated to our mission of bringing expert, unbiased financial help to the masses.

A financial app backed by real humans.

The blooom team is made up of financial advisors, tech experts, and all-around business-savvy people. We live for financial literacy—taking an education-first approach to any challenge that crosses our client’s path. Our team is out to prove that better is possible in this wild world of finance.

Meet Our Team

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Why blooom? Let’s get down to it.

If you’re still not sure whether blooom’s financial retirement planning app can affect your account, just ask yourself these 4 simple questions. You may be surprised to find that your 401k or IRA is in need of some TLC!

Blue tablet with a green screen that says blooom floating on a bed of clouds

1. Do you feel confident you’re invested in the right balance of stocks and bonds?

If not, you’re not alone. When you hire blooom, you put the power of seasoned financial advisors and top financial planning technology on your retirement so you can feel confident it’s working toward reaching your goals.

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2. Did you minimize the hidden investment fees in your 401k and IRA?

If you don’t know then let us analyze your account for you. When you hire blooom we look at the expense ratio of every fund and put you in the lowest cost options for your proper allocation.

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3. Is your portfolio based on your retirement horizon and risk profile?

It’s important to have a properly allocated portfolio based on your needs. If you’re too conservative with your investments early in your career, you may be missing out on key years of growth. Unless you’re into working longer and contributing more to hit your goals, making a few good choices early on can make all the difference. But it’s never too late!

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4. Do you adjust your investments several times a year to keep you on track?

Keeping up with rebalancing can be a chore. From market conditions to fund offerings, it’s impossible to foresee what may impact your hard-earned savings. When you hire blooom, you can feel confident we’ll rebalance for you based on your time horizon to retirement instead of market hearsay.

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