How does blooom work?

Blooom is a tool created by financial experts. Link your existing retirement accounts for free insights into how you could be doing better. Then, make changes on your own, or hire blooom to help!

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View your retirement
in one place

Securely connect all of your accounts to understand what your retirement could look like. See how your annual savings and retirement age could have an impact on your goals.

See where you could be doing better

Simply saving is a great first step, but could you be doing better? Hidden investment fees and improper allocation can eat away at retirement savings, that’s where blooom can help.

Optimize your retirement

Become a client and receive a personalized fund recommendation based on you and your specific plan. Plus, you can choose to have trades placed for you and get access to experts with advisor chat.

Stay on track

A strategy is only as good as your commitment to it. That is why blooom provides ongoing optimization through portfolio monitoring. As circumstances change in the market (or your life), blooom will adjust your allocation to keep you on track.

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Retire happy!

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Start for free, then hire blooom if you’d like help!

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1. Answer a few questions about your retirement to get your recommended strategy.

2. Link an account to see how your actual investments compare to your recommended strategy.

3. Make changes to your account on your own, or hire blooom to do it for you!