Financial management for all

Corporations have failed us

by making retirement savings nearly impossible to understand. Most financial advisors only support the very wealthy, pensions have all but disappeared, and social security won’t be nearly enough to support us. This has forced many Americans to try to figure out their retirement on their own with little or no guidance. Retirement isn’t what it used to be but almost everyone today would at least like to have the option to stop working at some point in their lives. The long-term payoffs of saving for retirement seem too far-off in a culture hell-bent on instant gratification. The world is continually using digital technology to create new ways to do things better than yesterday. Better is possible when it comes to personal finance.

This is where blooom comes in

and tears down all the red tape by making retirement savings simple to understand, affordable to access, and available to everyone. Blooom uses the best technology and people to give you transparent financial advice independent of financial institutions or your employer that will help you make the most of your retirement. Blooom doesn’t just serve the wealthy but instead is working to make retirement possible for everyone, no matter the size of their account or where it is held.

So, let’s retire our insecurities about money management by making the future, and saving for it, something we can all look forward to.