Robo investing

Taking robo advising to the next level.

Some say we simply offer robo advising for your 401k. Others say we lower fees in their IRA. But the real reason we exist is to make expert financial advice available to all. Our clients come for investment optimization and stay for the peace of mind. They trust blooom’s real, unbiased advisors have their back, today, and all the way to retirement.

What can blooom do for you?


Create a personal investment strategy

The first step in your retirement journey is understanding where you’re headed. Based on your answers to a few simple questions, blooom’s experts can create a personal investment strategy… and help you stick to it.

Do the research

Remember the confusion that struck the first time you logged into your 401k and hit a wall of fund jibberish? We can translate that. Better yet, we’ll match our fund research to your personal strategy and give you the optimal plan for your goals.

Pick & place the trades

Unlike Wall Street, we don’t make money off the funds in your account. Our robo advising technology allows us to make recommendations that benefit you… and only you! Let blooom place the trades on your behalf, or take the lineup and implement yourself if you’re more comfortable.

Perform ongoing optimization

You have your oil checked, you have your teeth checked, but chances are you don’t regularly perform maintenance on your most important retirement asset. We’re here to regularly monitor your accounts and make tweaks to optimize as necessary. We provide 3 main services when optimizing your retirement accounts:

  • Risk management – Is your stock to bond ratio appropriate for your age to retirement? 
  • Diversified portfolio – Are you invested in a range of asset classes?
  • Fee minimization – Are you paying too much in hidden investment fees?

Watch the market

The road to retirement can be a bumpy one. Blooom’s team & robo advising tools are here to be your partner through the ups and downs. Remember, we can’t control the market, but we can control how—or if—we react. Our advisors are available to help you stay the course on your personal strategy.

Add an extra layer of security

Blooom adds an extra layer of protection to your retirement account. Withdrawal alerts notify you of any unusual activity in your 401k or IRA, keeping your hard-earned nest egg safe and secure.

Be your unbiased financial expert

Whether you’re wondering whether to do a rollover into your new employer’s plan, how to start an HSA or even if buying a new puppy is in the budget, we’re here to help you wade through the financial decisions. We believe making smart financial choices should extend beyond your retirement account!

The blooom strategy

We can’t control the market, but we can control how we invest in it. Blooom’s people-driven robo advising strategy focuses on getting you set up properly, proactively keeping you on track, and making ourselves available for anything that might pop up along the way.

Blue target with a green arrow pointing to the bullseye

On target

We start by researching and defining your personal strategy. It’s hard to take the first step until you know where you’re headed. We’ll make a plan to get you there.

A winding blue line showing location pins starting at point A and going to point B and flowing through green clouds

On track

Others may try to sell you on their ability to predict the market. We’ll stick to ongoing, time-tested methods minimizing fees when possible and managing risk as you near retirement.

A green pig and a yellow pig side by side

On your side

Our experts are here to make sure you stay on track with your strategy. Get peace of mind knowing a fiduciary organization is advising you on your retirement.

Account types


That’s right, we don’t just do 401k’s! If you have an existing IRA at Fidelity, blooom can manage it! If you have an IRA at Vanguard, Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade, we can offer you an investment recommendation. Whether it’s a traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, nondeductible IRA, Spousal IRA, Simple IRA or Self-directed… We can help optimize your portfolio for your goals.


If you are saving through an employer-sponsored plan, like a 401k, chances are blooom can manage it. While we are limited to the funds chosen by your employer, we are here to do the research, provide truly unbiased advice and build a portfolio that best suits your goals. No need to move your money. We can take care of it right where it is!


Many government and non-profit organizations offer 401a plans. Once we understand your tolerance for risk and retirement goal, we can research, analyze and recommend the ideal funds for your situation. Choose to have blooom manage your 401a and we’ll even place the trades and monitor for changes on your behalf so you’ll have peace of mind that you’re properly invested.


If you work at a public school, tax-exempt organization or ministry, your 403b plan can likely be managed by blooom. Start with the complimentary checkup to see if you’re on track, then we can help you decide which funds are best for your situation. And we won’t ask you to move your money! We can manage it right where it is.


Your 457 plan operates similarly to a 401k or other employee sponsored account, and is therefore likely manageable by blooom. We understand the key differences and intricacies of working with 457s. Whether you’re an independent contractor or governmental employee, we work with your account to be optimized for your goals.


Your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) was designed to give federal employees and members of the uniformed services the same retirement-savings benefits as private sector workers. We have seen thousands of TSPs and would love to help you optimize yours.

Are you an Aggressive Alex?

Living on the edge of retirement.

Scenario: An Alex will be retiring in a few short years (hallelujah!), but has nearly their entire 401k invested in stocks (yikes!).

How blooom helps: A market drop could destroy Alex’s plan and ability to retire. We adjust Alex’s account to include funds that can withstand a myriad of market scenarios to provide more stability and better prepare them for retirement.

A green pig with with blue armor

Or maybe you’re a Busy Blake.

Believes weekends are meant for things other than optimizing their investments.

Scenario: A Blake has decent grasp on their retirement portfolio. They could do it themselves and be alright, but they don’t have the time, and time is precious!

How blooom helps: Blakes can hand the work over to blooom and rest assured knowing they’re getting a professionally managed account for a fraction of the cost of a traditional advisor. This frees them up to spend their time doing what they enjoy.

A green pig trying to multitask with books, taking phone calls, reviewing data

Feeling like a Target Taylor?

Invested in the right ideas, with the wrong execution.

Scenario: A Taylor is invested in a target date fund.

How blooom helps: Taylors have the right idea on diversification, but is likely paying too much for it. Some blooom clients who were in a target-date fund pre-blooom reduced their fees with their new blooom allocation.

A green pig with a calendar on the side with yellow arrows pointing to a blue bullseye

You may be a Conservative Casey.

Missing out on all the fun… and potential returns.

Scenario: A Casey is decades from retirement but has a large portion of their account invested in bonds and other conservative options.

How blooom helps: We put them in a proper (more growth-focused) allocation hopefully increasing their long-term return.

A green pig with a yellow ribbon standing behind a blue shield

Don’t be a Random Riley.

Picks funds like they’re picking teams on the playground.

Scenario: A Riley has no idea what to do when they’re handed a 401k, so they pick the 5 funds that have performed the best over the past year.

How blooom helps: Little does Riley know, these funds are probably all very similar, leaving them way too concentrated. We’re going to make sure they’re properly diversified and possibly reduce their fees in the process.

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Start with a complementary investment strategy.

Build my dashboard